International Research Enrichment (IRE) is a tailor-made track for students who would like to pursue a career in scientific research. It aims to help students build a foundation to start their research career. IRE students can:
1. Have free choice of major programs among Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Ocean Science and Technology, and Physics.
2. Participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) to do research under professors' supervision.
3. Enjoy exchange opportunities at renowned foreign universities with funding from HKUST
4. Enjoy summer research internships offered by overseas research institutions.

Yes, you can. The program code of IRE is JS5101.
You can click here for the formula for score calculation and the admission score last year.
The admission score in 2022 was: Median 35, LQ 33.5 (Level 5=5.5 , 5*=7, 5**=8.5)
Other than DSE score, interview performance will also be considered. Please note that interview is compulsory for IRE.

You can be admitted to IRE via JUPAS or non-JUPAS. Apart from that, you can enroll in Science Group A/ Group B/ Group A+AI first, and then apply for transferring to IRE at the end of year 1. Students with impressive GPA and interview performance will be admitted to IRE. Usually the GPA requirement is quite high.
Notice that IRE and extended major cannot be taken at the same time. Students will be required to give up the extended major in AI upon successful admission to IRE.

There are extra requirements for IRE students. For example, students are required to take 2 extra courses with level 2000 or above outside your own major, as well as some research-related courses. Also, IRE students with Physics or Mathematics majors are required to take honor courses.

In the spring semester, you should take or attend SCIE 1500. If you plan to declare Mathematics or Physics as your major, you should also take honor courses, including MATH 1023 and MATH 1024. For Physics students, you should also take PHYS 1312 and PHYS 1314. At around May or June, you will be invited to attend an interview. If you have high GPA and good interview performance, you will have higher chance to be admitted to the IRE track.

The majority of the IRE graduates will pursue further studies in renowned universities such as MIT, ETH Zürich, Stanford and Oxford.

Because there are relatively few students in IRE, we got to know each other through the activities of the society and the orientation camp. It is easier to get things like attending class, eating and studying together done because of the small number of people. There are so many opportunities to get along, both academically and in entertainment, how can it be possible that we are not familiar with each other? Quality is more important than quantity. It is better to have some close friends in the university than a lot of nodding acquaintances! You can have someone to help you when you need help!