International Research Enrichment Students' Society, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union (IRESS, HKUSTSU) is a departmental society affiliated to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students' Union. In line with the IRE program’s emphasis on scientific research, the IRESS, HKUSTSU works to support current and prospective IRE students for a career in research. The IRESS, HKUSTSU also aspires to facilitate communication between the School of Science and its students and promote the IRE program to students in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. With focus on students in the IRE program, the IRESS, HKUSTSU endeavors to advance the scientific knowledge of its members. Meanwhile, the IRESS, HKUSTSU also organizes different activities, including Christmas Party, Orientation Camp and Annual Dinner for members to have fun together. Integrating experience from MBMS graduates, advice from senior IRE students and vitality of their younger peers, the IRESS, HKUSTSU shall continue to nurture a bright future in the sciences.